Turning Rags Into Resources

Our products fund development projects designed to empower and renew those in need.

Products With Purpose

Our Mission

YOUME Clothing exists to renew and empower communities through collaborative repurposing partnerships.

We do this by providing school uniforms and new clothing to kids in developing countries in exchange for their oldest, most tattered garment – which we repurpose into YOUME products and sell. Sales proceeds fund further clothing exchanges and community-led development projects – like building and repairing water wells and schools, and providing new books, teacher salaries, farming seeds and medical supplies. Whatever the community’s greatest need is.

It’s a process that transforms their rags into their resources, demonstrating we can do far more together than alone.


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Our Process

1. Clothing Exchange  recycle-icon

The exchange is the first step in establishing a new partnership and is where we trade new clothes for a community’s oldest garments.

2. Repurposing Process  scissor-icon

The old garments are washed, cut and incorporated into YOUME clothing. This makes every YOUME product one-of-a-kind with its own unique story.

3. Community Development  money-icon

Proceeds from product sales go back into the community to fund projects that address both immediate and long term, systematic needs.

Our Partners & Projects

We’ve used our unique, collaborative repurposing model to empower a diverse range of communities – from San Diego, CA to Swaziland, Africa. Currently, we focus on developing and growing our partnerships in Uganda, Swaziland, Malawi, Mozambique and City Heights (a neighborhood in San Diego, CA with one of the highest populations of international refugees in the US). Learn how you can make a difference!

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